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How Online Conveyancing Works - Tracking Report

We make it simple for you to find out how your conveyancing matter is progressing with our unique Online Tracking System.

As a KRG client, you will be issued with a username and password, which will allow you to easily login to our Online Tracking System. Once you have logged in you will be able to view a live report which shows your matter's progress and any comments your conveyancer has.

Below is a sample Purchase Report. Your report will list your conveyancer's contact details, your client information and matter details.  It will show the status of your matter, what steps are outstanding and those that have been completed.    This online conveyancing tracking report is live, meaning when a step has been finalised in your conveyancing matter, it will automatically show in your Tracking Report.  This allows you to understand your position on a current basis, and what to expect during your conveyancing.

We also send you SMS's and emails to keep you updated at all times, 24/7! 

Your Conveyancing Professional: Janet Conveyancer
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 0413 109 122
Client: David Citizen Matter Type: Sale Property: CITIZEN SALE TO SMITH
Matter Ref.: 700412
Case Tracking Stage Due Date Status Comments
Contract Signed 12 Sep 09 Good  
Contract Received by KRG
Matter Opened and Conveyancing Officer Allocated
Title Search Conducted
Analyse Key Contract Conditions
13 Sep 09 Good  
Information Letter to you setting our Key Contractual Terms
Mortgagee Authority prepared and sent to you
Letter to Buyers Solicitor regarding contract
Letter to Real Estate Agent cofirming receipt of contract
14 Sep 09 Good  
Letter to Mortgagee concerting Settlement 29 Sep 09 Good  
Balance Deposit Due 11 Oct 09 Good  
Building and Pest Inspections Due 12 Oct 09 Good  
Finance Approval Due 19 Oct 09 Good  
Settlement Due 23 Oct 09 Good  
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