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No Hidden Conveyancing Fees

Unlike many law firms, we do not quote a fee and then seek to add hidden extras.

We do not charge extra conveyancing fees for:

  • photocopying, phone calls, faxes, postage or sundries;
  • advising on any mortgage you may enter into;
  • arranging the release of any mortgage you may have over your property;
  • arranging any extension or variation of the final settlement date;
  • any unusual complexities which may arise.

Many other property solicitors and conveyancers charge you for some or all of the above. We do not - makes a refreshing change, don't you think?

Our pricing policies are completely open and honest.

We are aware of many misleading and potentially deceptive practices within the market for Queensland conveyancing services.  For this reason, we have put together some "Tips and Tricks" for comparing conveyancing costs.

If you receive a quote which seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Please call us and we are happy to walk through any competitor's quote with you, to ensure that you are being quoted fairly for the work which is to be done.

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