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KRG Conveyancing Fixed Fair Fee

KRG Conveyancing offers Queensland-wide conveyancing services on a fixed fair fee basis with no hidden extras because we understand that our clients want their interests protected but they also want to know with certainty "What it will cost me?".

With KRG Conveyancing, you can budget with confidence knowing well in advance the legal fees, search costs and stamp duty for the property you intend to purchase or sell.   The free online conveyancing cost quote we give is a fixed cost conveyancing price and that's a guarantee!

If you have received a cheaper quote from another conveyancing firm, we would like you to contact us.  In many cases, these 'cheap conveyancing quotes' do not include all of the services which are legally required to get the job done for you - you may find a surprise bill waiting for you at the end of the transaction. 


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